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Turkish Flea Market

Located in Turkey, Istanbul is considered to be the "Worlds Hippest City' for it cool restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs.

Turkey is one of the most versatile the European countries. It blends two different cultures seamlessly. As an Islamic nation, Turkey manages to merge enriched culture with ancient history and breathtaking beauty. Considered amongst the most populated cities in the Europe and the world, the city is represents an eclectic blend of ancient world's and modern sophistication living.

Istanbul connects to both the Asia and Europe continents. Aspects of Turkey come together physically and culturally for the region known for its scenic views and ancient world landmarks. Cultural landscapes will take you breathe away as you explore the sights of Istanbul. The hub of Turkey's financial center and culture made Istanbul a very popular destination for holiday makers over the years. Exciting sights to see and cultural experiences to take in during your visit to Istanbul the Turkish markets.

Considered the heart of Turkish life, the hustle and bustle of these eclectic merchant markets bring tourists for across the globe. Experiencing haggling at one of the more popular Turkish markets in Istanbul first hand. Istanbul is expansive and modern living and at its best the city offers great diversity for all walks of life. High rise living and ancient world chic create an interesting diverse lifestyle for its residents and visitors alike. Sightseeing and dining at the food stalls set up in the markets for the the best Turkish cuisine in the world.

Sample famous Turisk sweets such a Turkish Delights and Turkish coffee. Cafes and bakeries market stalls are more than ordinary coffee houses. Enter into one to experience the essence of Turkish locals and vender's. Like many nations in this regions, cafe houses are places where you spend long lazy afternoons with friends. Taste the local brew and discovering the history of this nation which dates back 3 centuries. This is just another wonderful aspect of Turkish markets to fall madly in love with.

Explore the variety of Turkish cuisine at your leisure as markets tend to serve up delicious meals until midnight. Markets offer an authentic look at Turkish life to make Istanbul a popular holiday spot indeed. Istanbul is situated on both sides of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. It has a population of between 12 and 19 million people. The markets are full of the people of this culturally enriched city. The local and vender's of the markets are both generous and friendly.

Tourist are made to feel welcomed and home by the vender's of the local markets. Getting around these vibrant markets is an like an exotic adventure. Several markets of Istanbul are perfect for spending the day sightseeing, shopping, dining in the local restaurant or taking in the Turkish nightlife. While Istanbul you are spoiled for choice when it comes to tourist sights to, markets are an amazing options for all. As one of three European Capitals of Culture 2010, Istanbul offers an eclectic mix of old and new seamlessly. Visit the local markets to experience the true favor of Istanbul.

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