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Where to Ski in Turkey?

Have you been wondering where to ski in Turkey and which places are best for skiing? Turkey is a busy and mountainous country, with numerous ski resorts and centers. Although Turkey is usually looked at as a sunshine haven holiday getaway, skiing is becoming more and more popular across the country and has some of the best in the world along side with Finland and the Baltic states. There are some excellent winter sport resorts that are easily accessible by road or flight. So if you want to know where to ski in Turkey, see our list of the top five:


Antalya – Saklikent
It is 50km north-west of Antalya and has an altitude of 1850 meters. The most recommended season is from January to April. There is accommodation available in chalets and guest houses as well as a supermarket and restaurants. There is also equipment able to hire; skis, snowboards, carving etc.


South of Bursa, the skiing area is between 1800-1900 meters.  The skiing at Uludag is pretty much intermediate on light, manageable slopes that are usually open from December to March. There are plenty of hotels and chalets along with a small hospital. All equipment is available on site and there are instructors available to hire.


Sarikamis is a vastly developing resort located 50km from Kars airport. The center offers great courses and its best season is from December to March. The town itself boasts a beautiful ski lodge and ski instructors are available.


Kartalkaya is a quiet and small resort situated on the Istanbul-Ankara highway in the Koroglu Mountains. During the week, Kartalkaya is very quiet and a lot cheaper due to weekend coaches from Istanbul and Ankara. The ski area lies at 1800 meters.

Ankara- Elmadag

Elmadag is the perfect place to relax and is ideal for beginners and intermediates. There are many hotels, chalets and a pleasant restaurant and snack bar. January to march is known to be the best season time to visit.


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