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Cruising the Turkish Coast in a Gulet

cruising the turkish coast in a guletIn Turkish a gulet is a traditional wooden fishing boat converted for pleasure cruising. In English, however, words like "peaceful," "serene," and "stress-free" come to mind when I think of a gulet. Cruising along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean is relaxation at its very best.

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Hiking Along the Lycian Way

  Enjoy the delights of a 500 km coastal footpath stretching from Fethiye to Antalya along the part of the Turkish coast once known as Lycia. Noted in the list of Top Ten Walks, hiking really doesn’t get better than this. This is an area rooted in history where the mountains emerge abruptly from the forested shoreline revealing secluded bays. The pathway leads you past some of the world’s most beautiful scenery with panoramic views of Mount Tahtali’s limestone crests, dense forests and ancient ruins.

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Turkish Hamam

turkish hamamYou should experience it at least once, before you determine whether you despise or love going into a Turkish bath or hamam.

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Where to Ski in Turkey?

ski in TurkeyHave you been wondering where to ski in Turkey and which places are best for skiing? Turkey is a busy and mountainous country, with numerous ski resorts and centers. Although Turkey is usually looked at as a sunshine haven holiday getaway, skiing is becoming more and more popular across the country and has some of the best in the world along side with Finland and the Baltic states. There are some excellent winter sport resorts that are easily accessible by road or flight. So if you want to know where to ski in Turkey, see our list of the top five:

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Exploring Turkeys Shipwrecks

exploring the deepTurkey is the perfect destination for anyone with a passion for, or a yearning to try diving. Turkey has 8,333 km of coastline stretching over four seas. There are lots of private companies offering some fantastic dives including lessons for inexperienced and novice divers and there are a variety of packages available from snorkelling to scuba diving, but one of the most fascinating diving experiences has to be seeking out the many old shipwrecks that lie off the Turkish coast.

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