Forgive and Forget


Do you ever feel like you carry a weight on your shoulders?

I often do. For me the biggest downer is the self-criticism I inflict on myself. For others it is the past they carry around, their worries about the future or the weight of current responsibilities.

The heaviest of weights is the yester-life.

Regardless of one’s circumstances, it is impossible to be genuinely at peace if the mind is still tinkering with the past. If you still have a score to settle or feel bitter about past events then even rainbows and puppies won’t bring you happiness. (more…)

Stumbling Into the Path


Do good things happen to those who plan or those who wander?

I am often guilty of over planning. When I get excited about an idea, I am instantly obsessed and start making elaborate plans. I immerse myself in multiple work-streams and somewhere along the way I get overwhelmed.

What starts as a simple idea turns into a complicated project very soon and I lose interest. Sometimes I even catch myself making plans to make plans and the result of it all is that I end up doing nothing. (more…)

Find Thyself Through Your Friends


As part of my “self-discovery” journey I am doing a lot of online research for resources. In the process I found out about many inspirational people who are leading exceptional lives and are kind enough to share their secrets. In another post I’ll do a review of dream lifestyle gurus, but today I want to share an outcome of one of the exercises I tried.

This one is from Scott Dinsmore, and it is called “A 5-minute Hack to Finding your Life’s Work

It is basically reaching out to a few of your best friends and asking them 4 simple questions. I have to admit that I should have diversified my list of people, but I stuck with a few of the friends in my inner circle. (more…)

The Ripple Effect of One Small Change


I’ve been tinkering with the idea of “change” as of late. It is a scary word that implies imperfection. If you want to make someone feel terrible about themselves just stare into their eyes with pity and with a slow head shake say, “You’ll never change”. If there was a way to destroy someone’s self esteem this is it.

So change we must.

The decision to change always starts with identification of something we are unhappy about. For example, I always hated the fact that all the weight I gain turns into fat in my midsection.  I often fantasize about a walk-in closet style fat burning machine. I imagine eating a jarful of Nutella then entering into a room and poof! Instant Slimming! That’s how creatively lazy I am.

In reality I only got as far as finishing the jar. I am yet to find the magic room. (more…)

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