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Expat Lifestyle Living Abroad

expat lifestyle living abroadIt may begin as a daydream, a passing thought or fantasy; it might be a romantic vision of life in the tropics that you can't get out of your head. Maybe you took a week or two vacations and the pace just seemed so soothing, the gentle breeze touched your spirit.

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The Finacial Aspects of Moving Abroad to Find Love

moving abroad for love                                Back in February- that time of year when romance is in the air as millions of people around the world are celebrating that popular, quasi holiday - Valentine's Day.Living in Bodrum, I am surrounded by fellow expats from all over the world, and have met several "significant others" who have followed their partners to Turkey. These "trailing partners" come in various forms: Married. Not married. Working. Not Working. Looking for Work. Studying Turkish. What they all have in common is that they moved abroad for love.

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Turkish Surnames

turkish surnamesTurkish surnames are the last name a person carries after a person's given name and is basically a family name or ancestry name.

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Moving to Turkey from UK

moving to turkey from u.kBefore moving to Turkey from the UK make sure you do your homework. Think about the customs and regulations that apply for U.K citizens. There is a lot to know when you move to a new country, and you must do your research. Use the internet, and buy books and informative magazines on the subject. Often these will provide true life stories of people who have already moved and their experiences.

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Christmas on a Budget

Christmas conesChristmas on a budget. Is it possible? Christmas, as many people know, is a celebration that can be rather costly. Money isn't just spent on presents, there is the tree, decorations, cards, and food and drink to consider too which can be very expensive. Nevertheless, that is no reason to go without this Christmas. Everyone deserves a delightful day and that is still achievable even if you do need to watch the pennies. Follow our tips on cutting down costs and enjoy having Christmas on a budget.

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