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Turkish Angora Cat

turkish angora catTurkish Angora cats are said to be originally from the Middle East, specifically Turkey. The breed was originally known as an Ankara until the name of the town in Turkey for which they were named was changed to Angora.

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Types of Peppers to Grow

Types of Peppers to GrowThere are literally thousands of types of peppers to grow and depending on your own personal taste, one thing is guaranteed, there's a perfect pepper or chilli for everyone's taste. Peppers range from sweet and mild flavoured for using in many dishes including salads, to the much smaller and hotter peppers know more commonly as chillies.

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Save Energy In Your Home

energy saving bulbThere are many ways you can save energy in your home and save money through doing this too! Most people fail to think of ways to cut back on energy around the house, but there are plenty of simple things you can do or change, which will adjust your electricity bills and gas bills immensely. Here are some useful tips on how to do this without disturbing your

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Packing Up Your Possessions

packing solutionsEmigrating is ranked as one of the top five most stressful experiences to undertake. It’s not difficult to understand why; the total upheaval of life as you know it, the uncertainty of the new venture, leaving friends and family behind and the concerns about all your possessions and how to get them from your home country to Turkey without them being ruined. Decisions about what to take and leave behind are difficult enough, but packing the remainder of your life so far into boxes is not an easy task especially if the goods you are transporting are treasured possessions. We all hear of disaster stories of ancient heirlooms or sentimental items being damaged in transit, so ensure that you practice clever and careful packing to provide the peace of mind that your items will arrive at your new home in turkey undamaged.

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Considering a Pool?

considering a poolIf you decide to install a pool in your new home in Turkey, but have never owned your own pool prior to this then it might be a little daunting at first about maintaining it.

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