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How to Make Turkish Coffee

Back in the day, people had much more time on their hands to spend on earthly pleasures like coffee because work wasn't too demanding. They actually found the time to heat their coffee over charcoal for more than half an hour back then! Well, although that luxury is no longer prevalent in today's society, real coffee connoisseurs can still tell whether a cup of Turkish coffee is properly made or not.

Because of this, you should learn how to make Turkish coffee the right way instead of the way some cheap restaurants do (read: boiling it too fast and thus degrading the flavor and only producing very little froth - if any at all!).

If you want to learn how to make Turkish coffee properly, you will need the following ingredients and equipment: some coffee beans, a coffee pot, some coffee cups and a coffee grinder (optional). Do take note that you will need to grind your coffee to an extra fine quality to make Turkish coffee, though; a lot of electrical grinders nowadays are incapable of doing this.

The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Turkish Coffee

1. Pour some cold water into a coffee pot - one cup for every cup of coffee you want to make, plus half a cup more. Then, add one teaspoon of Turkish coffee into the cold water for every cup you want to make and stir. This would also be the time to add some sugar, depending on your personal preferences.

2. Slowly heat your coffee pot - the slower, the better - and keep your eyes on it so you can stop it from overflowing once the coffee begins to boil.

3. Once it boils, pour some coffee into your cups until they are each about a quarter full. This has to be done to ensure that everyone gets enough of the frothy foam at the top - an essential factor in keeping the flavor of Turkish coffee intact. Keep heating the coffee for a short time until it boils again then fill up every cup, as needed.

Remember: because this process does not go through any coffee filtering of any sort, it would be recommended to wait until your coffee grounds have settled inside the cup before drinking it. Enjoy!

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