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Adopting in Turkey


There are two ways for filing for adopting in Turkey. The individuals or the couples (spouses) who would like to adopt a child could apply to provincial offices of Social Services in person (and together in case of spouses) and in writing for determination of a suitable child or the applicants could also apply directly to the child’s parents or his/her legal guardian which process will again be supervised by Social Services.

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Tax Rules for Americans Living in Turkey

Tax When it comes to taxes, especially the less common expatriate tax issues, the easy way can quickly become the hard way. The most common simplified tax preparation methods are the popular mass-market tax programs. And while tax software does work well for most people, these programs are simply not equipped to handle all of the overseas issues relevant to expatriates. Going to a chain tax business while back home in the U.S. may only be one step above the software, though, as the employees at these chains are usually unfamiliar with expatriate exclusions and other issues. Expatriate teachers may feel that their only real option is to simply put off paying their taxes. Unpaid taxes are a constant source of worry and weight, however, making this the least desirable of all choices. Many of our clients have put off their taxes for years (of course, one year turns into two and two into five). Tax software and tax chain employees will prove useless in these situations. Only a true and specifically trained professional can dig someone out of this kind of back taxes hole. The good news, though, is that it can be done....and more easily than you might think.

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Foreign Investors Able to Buy Property in Turkey

Signing an agreement There is more good news for Turkey this month regarding its property market; the Turkish government passed a draft bill which will enable foreign investors to buy property in Turkey.

Amongst European buyers, Turkey has always been a favorite location, but until now Turkey has only been available to countries that allow them to purchase property in return. Before now, investors from the UAE were forced to register a Turkish company beforehand which added further costs to their investment. This, however, is about to change.

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Overview of Turkey's Property Market

monopoly houses With its strong economic growth, construction development and prompt population growth, Turkey is the ideal country for investors seeking a safe yet booming property market. For those eager in finding affordable property, the Bodrum Peninsula is the place for you. Houses there are selling for half the price of their original prices before the economic decline. Properties in prime locations, on the other hand, are selling for 15% higher than what they were before 2008.

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Health-Care Services For Foreigners In Turkey



doctor with maskThe system of health-care is organized by this Ministry in different plans and departments with several laws in Turkey. The main principle is noted in Article 60 of the Turkish Constitution stating that every individual is entitled to social security and health benefits. The Ministry of Health is responsible to provide health-care and makes the organization sufficient for such

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