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Finding a Job in Turkey

job in turkeyIf you are a foreigner searching for a job in Turkey there are a considerable amount of opportunities available for you.

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Making Money Abroad

piggy bankMaking money abroad and finding work as a foreigner can be tough work, with evident reasons being: 1. not speaking the native language, in this case: Turkish and 2. Not owning the correct documentation which allows you to work in Turkey.  Evidently, this leaves employers hesitant on employing foreigners and therefore, it results in a case of you finding your own work or building your own business in order for you to survive abroad.  It isn’t impossible to make a descent income, and there are a few ways and a few work paths that you could consider following in.

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Starting a Business in Turkey

a bar or restaurant is a popular optionQuest Turkey takes a look at how to establish a business in Turkey and even some ideas on what you could do to earn a crust. Maybe you would love to buy a property in Turkey and move there but can't think of a way of making a living. Moving to Turkey is an opportunity for expats to own and run their own business. The tourism market is growing significantly in the country and there are numerous possibilities.

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Cost of Living in Turkey: 2012

Turkish market'What is the cost of living in Turkey?' is the question one asks before moving to Turkey. A huge advantage to living in Turkey is of course the price of living but it is still important to have a brief knowledge before moving so that you know what to expect.  Prices below are on average.
Here is the cost of living in Turkey as of 2012. (Prices are in GBP).

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Prices Rising in Turkey

growth graphic According to a recent report from the real estate analysts, Turkish property prices are rising profoundly, increasing annually by 10.76 percent. Despite Istanbul attracting the most attention and tourism, it is in fact Izmir that is performing the best in terms of property prices which continues to increase yearly by 14.6 percent. Nevertheless, Istanbul still remains successful, with a growth of 12.29 per 12 months.

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