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From Scotland to Antalya: An Expat's Journey

Billy in KaleiciIn 1996 I married a Turkish lady and first visited Antalya in 1999 to visit her parents who had moved from Istanbul for their retirement. They were staying in the Lara area of the city.  I used to work shifts in a chemical factory but due to my wife’s health problems I took voluntary redundancy from there in 2003.

Rather than spending the money on nothing in particular we decided to visit her parents again to look for an apartment in Antalya.  We didn’t find anything we could afford in Lara but we found one in the other side of town in Konyaalti.  The idea was to rent it out as a holiday flat to earn some income from it and although we didn’t earn much, we did visit Antalya two or three times a year to use it ourselves.

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A Day in the Life of an Expat in Ankara

JulesAnkara is a very navigable city, even for those new to town and/or with little Turkish. Traffic jams abound at rush hour, but traversing the city poses few challenges in other times.  I have been driving by myself in this city since my husband and I bought our car three years ago.   I have been stopped once by a policeman (a routine traffic stop) and have been lost several times, but neither of those things created problems---even though at the time I spoke little Turkish. 

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From America to Ankara; an Expat Story

JulesAt my wedding reception in Turkey while my new husband’s family was sliding gold bracelets on my wrists, my mother asked me, “Did you ever think growing up as a little girl in New Hampshire; this would be your world?”  The answer was no, I never dreamt that my life as an adult would be a bi-cultural one, but my life so far has been richer for it, even with all its inherent challenges.

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Expat Interview: Natalie Sayin

NatalieNatalie Sayin has kindly shared her expat interview with us. She left the U.K. 9 years ago to move to Turkey. In her interview with Quest Turkey, she tells us what life is like for a foreigner living abroad, how easy it is to learn the lingo, and offers advice to those who are considering moving to Turkey. And she answers in one short sentence, whether or not she would ever return to the U.K.

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Musician Talks Life in Turkey

This may be a common story, but I ended up living in Turkey via a series of happy accidents that led to an inevitable conclusion.  I first visited in September of 2003, in the context of a two-week holiday on the Greek island of Samos.  On a last-minute whim, my then-partner and I took a short day trip to Kuşadası and Efes.  I had very few expectations of what Turkey would be like; as it turned out, I came back speechless and in love with a country I had barely seen.  On the ferry back to Samos that evening, I told my partner, "I know I've only seen it once, and only for a few hours, but I could seriously live in that country."

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