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The Picturesque Town of Kas

The beautiful town of Kas is located at the south coast of Turkey. What was once a quite fishing village has now become a popular, yet unspoiled tourist town with its turquoise sea and stunning white beaches. Kas is an attractive destination for tourists wanting to escape the over-built and over-touristy areas and holiday in relaxation. The reason for its quietness is mainly down to the long journey from the two major airports in the Mediterranean region; Kas is a two hour drive from Fethiye and a three hour drive from Antalya.

Guest houses, cafes, small bars and restaurants serving home cooked food are scattered around the town of Kas. There is always plenty to do and see, so you'll never get bored, but nothing has been over done in Kas. However, it is becoming increasingly popular amongst holiday makers and more hotels and accomodation is being built in the town.

Things to do
First things first: Kaputas Beach. Your visit to Kas would not be complete without visiting Kas’s most stunning beach. It is a rather small beach but a “must.” And if you want to explore the coast even further, you should definitely consider taking a boat trip to really see the beauty of the Lycian Coast. Kas offers some very reasonably priced boat excursions.
Also, for those of you who enjoy shopping; every Friday is a market day in kas. You can find fruit, vegetables, spices, teas as well as leather goods, clothing and much more at a bargain price.  If you don’t like markets, you can find plenty of interesting buys in the souvenir shops scattered around the streets; ceramics, pottery and carpets are some of the things you will find.
For history lovers, Kas has plenty of historical monuments including the King’s Tomb which is situated at the top of the old main street. You can also find Lycian tombs an hour away from Kas.

Scuba diving
Kas is the best place in the Mediterranean Sea to scuba dive, so it’s no wonder that divers from all across the world come to Kas for its excellent diving opportunities. Currently, there are 25 different dive sites. Caves, shipwrecks, amphoras, reefs and drop-offs are just a few of the many diving sites in Kas. There is also a professional diving centre in Kas for those of you wanting to learn to dive. And if you’re really serious about diving, why not aim for an international diving certificate; it only takes 4 or 5 days.

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