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Honeymoon Locations in Turkey

After tying the knot, for something out of the ordinary for your honeymoon, why not choose romantic and mystical Turkey? Your honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime, to be remembered in your heart for ever. This is the holiday to be pampered and spoiled. With breathtaking coastline, wonderful weather and exotic places to explore, Turkey is the perfect backdrop to your honeymoon. Whether you want the Aegean or the Med with their great beaches, architecture and palaces, fun bars and cafes with great food or a private yacht cruise, your honeymoon will be unforgettable and unusual.

One of the best ways to enjoy your time in Turkey and make the most of it after the stress of putting your wedding together is to fly directly to Istanbul and take a few days to unwind before setting off on your east meets west adventure. Visiting a few of the famous Istanbul sites, doing a bit of shopping at the Grand Bazaar and taking a leisurely half day cruise along the Bosphorus together sets you off to a great start.

Turkey offers honeymooners a very relaxing country with luxury to spend your special time together. The country has a naturally beautiful mix of trad and modern to combine the best of both worlds. The weather is guaranteed and with many secluded areas you'll be able to find time where privacy is guaranteed.

There are many tour operators specialising in honeymoons (and even weddings) in Turkey who will be able to organise a great trip for you. We take a look at some of the options lovebirds might like to explore for an unforgettable experience.


Even though just married why not say your vows again. Istanbul offers a huge number of ancient churches for blessings for all denominations.
Sophisticated hotels. An unlimited choice with even Ottoman style mansions but one of our favourites has to be the Maiden's Tower situated on an islet on the Bosphorous. Great views of the whole of the city from the top of the tower and surrounded by myths and legend. If you would prefer to stay outside Istanbul and just roam the city during the day, then the Princes Islands are only a short ferry journey from the city. You'll get plenty of peace and tranwuility here, particularly as the only way to get around is either on foot or by romantic horse-drawn carriage.


Amazing underground cities forming an unusual landscape. One of the world's most fascinating wonders. For honeymooners do not resist the temptation to stay in one of the many rock hotels for a wonderful experience. If you don't like the idea of a cave dwelling, there are lots of chic boutique hotels.

The coast

Spectacular! One of the best things about the coastline around Turkey is how unspoiled and untouched it really is.

You'll find secluded coves and sleepy little traditional fishing villages. A perfect setting for an idyllic honeymoon. If you want to get a bit of nightlife, there are plenty of larger resorts which offer bars and clubs. Olu Deniz should be on the list with its famous blue lagoon surrounded by pine forests - a very romantic location and a nice lazy beach destination.


Very cosmopolitan yet retaining much old charm. Numerous beach hotels in this pretty resort. White painted houses with bougainvillea overhanging the balconies, Bodrum is enchanting. Best for those who want a bit of life with crowded streets and plenty of people.


This is a romantic place with plenty of luxury hotels looking out to sea. Full of history and a distinct absence of mass tourism, it is a real haven. Plenty of watersports on the lovely beaches and boat trips for a relaxing moment to enjoy the 'Turquoise Coast'.

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