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Mugla A Small and Pleasant City

mugla a small and pleasant cityMugla is located in southwest Turkey.

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Discovering Izmir, Turkey - A European Vacation

discovering izmir turkey a european destinationIn this article we discuss my first visit to beautiful Izmir, and hopefully entice you to visit this remarkable city.

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Green and Pleasant Bursa

beautiful bursaThis delightful city lies in the north west of Turkey near to the Sea of Marmara. It is home to over 2.5 million inhabitants and its Turkey’s fourth largest city. It is a cosmopolitan metropolis often referred to as Yeşil Bursa, which means Green Bursa because of the multitude of lush city parks and gardens and vast forests in the surrounding area and it is one of the country’s leading tourist destinations. Moreover it is famous for its excellent ski facilities on Mount Uludağ, one of the highest mountains in the country and its rich thermal springs, which have attracted hordes of people since Roman times. The city has a rich cultural past and was the first ever Ottoman capital. The Ottoman legacy is blatantly apparent in the architecture of many of the surrounding towns and villages. capital of the Ottoman Empire.

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Konya, the Citadel of Islam

konya, striking and historicOriginally known as Iconium, Konya lies on central Anatolian plateau and is one of the largest cities in the country with a population of over 1.4 million. Its reputation as one of the more traditional religious centres of the country, lead to its nickname as the Citadel of Islam. It has also been called the ‘city of whirling dervishes’ because of its heritage of some incredible Seljuk architecture.  It is also the subject of a popular suggestive folk song called "Konyalım."

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Edirne, the Ottoman Capital

the old capitalEdirne lies on the Bulgarian and Greek borders at an intersection with Turkey where it is the first city you come across en route to Istanbul. It is in a way a forgotten city in terms of its importance as it was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, which stretched across the Balkans and beyond. This is a beautiful city full of historic mosques, ancient bridges and the former palaces of the Sultans.

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