About 2016

If I have to summarize the past three years of my life with a car analogy, I’d say 2013 was the big accident in which I totaled the car. 2014 was driving around in that car aimlessly and possibly off a cliff. 2015 was a more hopeful beginning of self-discovery and realizing that the car needs a lot of TLC before getting back on the road. (more…)

Why We Can’t Accept the Death of Jon Snow

Jon SnowAfter 5 seasons (or books) of enduring miserable winter, our beloved Jon’s journey has come to a dreadful end. As his Watch brothers stabbed him repeatedly, our hearts broke in a million pieces.

In the Games of Thrones world, the death of a main character is a regular occurrence. With Ned, Robb and Oberyn gone, we should be accustomed to our favorites getting killed off by now. Besides, if you read the books you knew this particular one was coming. Yet we can’t seem to let Jon go. Why is he different? Mainly because we had a feeling that he was meant for something bigger. His death feels wrong, leaves his story unfinished and it makes him a failure compared to other characters who died more accomplished deaths. (more…)

Passion or Method?

Passion or Method?I have always been an advocate of passion in life. It was the main driver of my every success and the missing piece in all my failures.

Bad love life? Something is missing..passion?
Gave a good speech? Passion!
Political activism? Hell yeah passion! (For a while)
Corporate job? Yuck! who has passion for office work.
Crochet cute stuff? #iheartcrochet

I keep telling myself I need to find my passion and then everything will fall in place. (more…)

Summer Challenge


I am yet to write a post about the pastoral island I will be calling home this summer. I haven’t fully moved there yet so until then I decided to park it. (Besides what is a travel post without beautiful photos, right?)

Instead I want to write about a setback I experienced last week… Actually not sure if it is appropriate to call it a setback since it was an entirely new experience for me.

I had a nervous break down. (more…)

Unexpected Turn of Events


When I embarked on a spiritual journey about a month ago, I knew that change was coming but I couldn’t tell you precisely what and how it was going to be. It is fair to say that I’ve cleared my plate, created mental space and let the universe do it’s thing for me.

I guess I was hoping for something green, something creative, some travel, some vacation and definitely some meaningful work.

Then something old became something new again. (more…)

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